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Julie has the unique ability to "listen" and focus in on her client's needs. She was always prepared prior to a session and always sent a follow up email to summarize and set action. Julie also provided well-thought out responses using her education and if she didn't have an answer, got back to me quickly with her findings. She never pretended to know something she couldn't answer. I felt comfortable opening up to her with whatever was on my mind, knowing that she would advise in a professional yet sensitive manner. She has great energy and clear goals were outlined during each session.

MZ, Men's Private Coaching

I highly recommend ordering essential oils through Julie. Not only did she spend two hours introducing me to the concept of essential oils, explained their usage and properties, and empowered me to make changes in my home, but she followed up with me once I received the oils ensuring that I was informed on how and when to use them. On top of that, Julie met with me to create custom blends in roller bottles for topical use... Julie's passion, knowledge and personal investment in essential oils and their health benefits are truly unique and inspiring.

Doris Cohen, @junkfreebeauty

Julie worked on a 3-day wellness retreat with our company. She was always accommodating and on board with whatever was thrown at her- a true team player! Julie prepped two workshops on self-care and essential oils. Both were conducted with obvious preparation and attention to detail. She fully engaged the crowd and we all enjoyed it! She is obviously knowledgable in what she does!

Beth Warren MS, RD, CDN

Julie is the BEST to work with. She is so patient and understanding, and makes you feel so comfortable every step of the way. The tips and ideas she gave to me, didn't only affect me, but my family as well. There were things that were brought to my attention that I would've never thought could make a difference in my eating habits, but sure enough it did! Julie's down to earth and upbeat personality makes each session even more enjoyable!

SB, Women's Private Coaching

What an amazing eight weeks our girls had!! You had such a wonderful impact on them in so many ways from eating right to thinking right! This is not an easy subject to capture their attention, you are really making a difference.Thank you for all the attention and love you gave them! What an experience!

R Tobias, DSN pre-teen Workshops

The best class hands down that my child has ever attended!! It was the most informative and the most memorable class. The excitement and eagerness to eat right and feel good (and understanding why!) continued through the week!! Thank you for all your knowledge and wisdom and help!

R Setton, 7th Grade Girl's Workshops


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